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Original design, craftsmanship and Beyond the Boundary are the principles of which Zadak stand. We want to create custom water-cooled computers and cases that are sophisticated and elegant, that is not just a high-performing gaming PC but a piece of art that can be enjoyed.

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Who are we

ZADAK is a high-end custom water-cooled PC brand founded by a group of people of designers, modders, and engineers in the autumn of 2015.

Original design, craftsmanship, and beyond the boundary are the core values of ZADAK. We want to create a custom water-cooled computer & case which is sophisticated and elegant, just like an artwork, an enjoyment. We also want to create something that is easy for you to assemble your own fantasy PC.

After years of development, tons of experiments and prototypes, ZADAK finally settles on a design that would be the key of why we are able to make the water-cooled computer so compact.

ZADAK hopes that you will get as much fun out of building your own fantasy PC as we do.


PC Parts
Water-cooled CPU
Spark AIO LiquidCooler

The dual-fan AIO liquid cooling system has been designed with the desires of PC modders and enthusiasts which offers excellent quiet, cooling, no-fuss installation, and a design that bears the hallmarks of ZADAK’ s key brand focus on original design and exquisite craftsmanship. SPARK AIO offers optimized stability, compatibility, and functionality plus advanced 2nd Generation ARGB lighting effects all in one product.

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PC Parts

There were a few LED memory modules on the market yet nothing is like what we think about SHIELD RGB DDR4 today. It reinvented what we think of as LED memory module. Believe me, you have never seen this kind before. The patented SHIELD RGB DDR4 fully supports the latest high-end motherboards, Intel® 100 and 200 series. It starts at a clock speed of 2400MHz, going up beyond 3000MHz.

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