Why you need to switch to water-cooled gaming PCs

Fed up of that annoying whirring sound of your outdated fan cooling system? Ever had your game rudely interrupted because of an overheating problem? Fret not… the future has arrived!

It may sound counterintuitive to run water through your treasured gaming equipment, but cooling your PC with water is a far superior method than to cool it with air. Water's high thermal conductivity properties allow for more efficient heat transfer, creating a consistently cool internal temperature. Traditional fan PCs are reactive, meaning they respond to increases in internal heat. Liquid cooling however, works at a constant rate to prevent the computer from ever rising in temperature.

The Zadak Moab II elite water cooled PC case eliminates the hassle and worry of fiddling with tubing yourself, with a pre-configured water block for your CPU. The slim modern design reduces the unnecessary bulk of a traditional PC case, creating a sleek and elegant gaming set-up. Not only does it look good, you can specifically target components which work the hardest, improving overclocking capabilities with no danger of crashing your computer or damaging hardware.


Computer components can perish when they are run at excessively high temperatures. With the use of liquid cooling, your computer components will live alongside your gaming experience for years to come, maximising your value for money. 

Alongside all the technical benefits to liquid cooling systems, it is also hard to deny that switching allows you to turn your PC into a thing of beauty. Anyone chasing a futuristic aesthetic in their PC should look to a water cooled PC, with the colourful coolant adding even more personality to your gaming rig.